Canada’s Anglicans Urged To Fight Zionism

ICEJ, 9 July 2013

The Anglican Church of Canada passed a resolution at the recent General Synod in Ottawa on 3-7 July urging members to educate themselves "more deeply" about "the impact of illegal settlements on the lives of both Palestinians and Israelis; about imported products identified as produced in or related to the illegal settlements and misleadingly labeled as produced in Israel; and about the complexities of economic advocacy measures."

The resolution also includes a pledge to "explore and challenge theologies and beliefs, such as Christian Zionism, in support of the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories."

The resolution further urged Canadian Anglicans to "explore and challenge theories and beliefs that deny the right of Israel to exist and strengthen relationships with Canadian Jews and Muslims to resolutely oppose anti-Semitism, anti-Arab sentiments and Islamophobia."

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