US Archive Report Details Nazi-Muslim Connections

International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, 14 Dec 2010

A report published Friday by the US National Archives reveals that during the Second World War, the Nazi government in Berlin paid "a fortune" to grand mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, for his help against the British who at that time had jurisdiction over much of the Middle East.

Husseini also helped recruit Yugoslavian Muslims into the Waffen SS and promised to help round up the Jews of British Mandate Palestine during a threatened German invasion of the territory which was only barely avoided by the British defeat of Rommellís Afrika Korps at El Alemein in Egypt.

The report also details how, after the war, Husseini and many other escaped Nazis joined anti-Jewish militia armies in Syria and Lebanon who continued Hitlerís insane vendetta against the Jews.

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