Chemical Weapons Ready For Use By Assad Regime

ICEJ News, 06 Dec 2012

US news channel NBC reported on Wednesday that despite several warnings, the regime of Syrian president Bashar Assad has prepared chemical munitions for use in its increasingly desperate struggle with rebel factions. One senior US official told NBC that if the regime decides to use the weapons, "there's little the outside world can do to stop it." In related news, the UN force deployed in southeastern Syria to monitor the cease-fire with Israel have reportedly requested an increased number of armored vehicles, as fighting in the area has intensified, endangering UN staff.

"The situation in Syria sparked a cascade of insecurity which has had consequences highlighted by the presence of armed groups belonging to the Syrian opposition in the disengagement zones ... There are people being trained that appear a lot like (hardline Muslim) Salafists," a UN spokesperson said Wednesday.

Meanwhile, fighting in Lebanon related to the ongoing civil war in Syria killed none civilians in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli this week. Witnesses say the city, a mix of neighborhoods predominantly occupied by Sunni or Alawite Moslems, has mirrored the conflict in neighboring Syria, with escalating tensions and violence between the two communities. Meanwhile, other sectarian factions in the city are warily trying to stay out of the way.

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