Egyptian Army Reinforces Gaza Border

ICEJ, 9 July 2013

Amidst the unrest in its major cities, Egypt’s military has deployed hundreds of troops and dozens of armored vehicles to its border with the Gaza Strip on Tuesday.

"The Egyptian military activity in Sinai is coordinated with security forces [in Israel] and has been approved by the senior political echelons in Israel, in order to deal with security challenges in Sinai, which pose a threat to both countries," said an Egyptian Army spokesman.

The Hamas terror militia which rules the Strip is closely allied with Egypt’s Moslem Brotherhood, which supports President Mohamed Morsi.

Military sources have quietly told Western reporters that they had long been wary of Morsi but their concerns hardened after he attended a rally to support rebel factions fighting the regime of Syrian president Bashar Assad on 15 June.

During the rally, which featured speakers from many hard-line Islamist factions, Morsi allies described both the regime and their own domestic opponents as "infidels."

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