Janes Report Shows Saudi Arabian Missiles Aimed At Israel And Iran

ICEJ, 11 July 2013

IHS Jane's Intelligence Review published a report on Tuesday including satellite photographs which appear to show a secret base in the Saudi Arabian desert, 125 miles south-west of Riyadh, where ballistic missiles are being deployed.

Analysts cited in the report assessed that one of the launch pads "appears to be aligned on a bearing of approximately 301 degrees and suggesting a potential Israeli target, and the other is oriented along an azimuth (bearing) of approximately 10 degrees, ostensibly situated to target Iranian locations."

The report added that Saudi Arabia is believed to have a small arsenal of lorry launched DF 3 (Silkword) Chinese-built ballistic missiles, which have a range of 1500-2500 miles and can carry a two ton payload.

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