Kerry Set To Return To Jerusalem For Another Round Of Talks

ICEJ, 12 July 2013

Officials in Israel and the Palestinian Authority are preparing for the return of US Secretary of State John Kerry, who is expected to arrive in Jerusalem next week for his sixth visit to Israel since March, during which other crises in the area have been neglected.

"The intense focus of Secretary of State John F.

Kerry on the long-moribund Israeli- Palestinian peace process when neighboring Egypt is collapsing into chaos and Syria’s civil war rages unabated provokes more than a little head-scratching among diplomats from the Middle East," The Washington Post editorialized this week.

"Mr. Kerry banks on the support of Arab states, but two of Israel’s Arab neighbors have no functioning government, while the other two -- Jordan and Lebanon -- have been all but overwhelmed by the spillover of refugees and fighting from Syria."

The editorial also criticized Kerry for ignoring the Islamist terror militia Hamas which rules the Gaza Strip and has repeatedly stated its total rejection of peace with Israel under any circumstances.

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