Russian Computer Experts Find "Most Malicious Program Ever"

Voice of America, May 28, 2012

A Russian Internet security company says it has discovered what it calls the most malicious cyber menace known to date.

Kaspersky Labs says the computer program known as "Flame" is the most complex and sophisticated malware program it has ever seen, avoiding detection by security software.

It says Flame has been active for more than two years with the ability to steal information from infected machines, including documents, screenshots, and audio recordings.

Kaspersky says it uncovered Flame while investigating another malware program.

Flame's targets and the damage it has done are still unclear. But officials with Iran's oil ministry have reported a cyberattack on its computers reportedly caused by Flame.

It is also unclear who is responsible for Flame. But some computer security experts say the sophistication and complexity of the threat points to government involvement.

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